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An International Standard - What Is Agape's Program?

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Brief Overview

Since the fall of 2014, our team has dedicated themselves to building a unique program that meets an international standard of excellence and that could be used in any country by any group. While there are aspects of the program (primarily the social sciences and the local community emphasis) that will be unique to each individual school, Agape is laboring to establish an international standard for Christian and conservative education.

Agape International Academy is the "Doing Business As" name for our education company called United Global Education Group LLC. It currently has three owners (two American citizens and one Canadian citizen), but has the potential and intention of growing to become a large company responsible to provide excellent education at the institutional level and to develop an excellent Biblical standard for education at an international level.

The United Global Education Group LLC is developing a program that is intended to be a competitor as a program of choice for international schools worldwide that would desire to establish a program of study that would promote excellence in education, that would provide unity and efficiency for training and practice among staff members, and that would honor God in every aspect.

Brief Program Scope

The program that we are developing intends to personally and purposefully build loving leaders who are disciplined in soul, mind, and body. It promotes simply excellent education that guides students in learning how to learn in order to promote the development of individual maturity and personal responsibility.

Discipline in body includes the pursuit of practicing personal discipline in the areas of nutrition and fitness. In order to develop excellent habits of nutrition and fitness, students will learn about nutrition and physiology and will demonstrate practices that are congruous with clearly-defined standards that can be met by all students and focus intentionally on the discipline of nutrition and fitness understanding that every individual faces a personal variety of challenges:

Discipline in soul includes the pursuit of healthy relationships. We were fundamentally created as relational beings. The two greatest commandments that God gave are to love Him and to love others. We recognize in this that a disciplined soul recognizes the fundamental role of relationships in developing peace and joy:

Discipline in mind includes the pursuit of learning along with the process of learning how to learn the following subjects of study or practices:

1) Science

2) Mathematics

3) Linguistics

i) English (Or Local Language)

ii) Foreign Languages

iii) Literature

4) Bible

5) Technology .

6) The Arts

7) Social Studies


We will personally and purposefully build loving leaders who are disciplined in body, soul, and mind for God's glory.


We will develop the most widely-used and internationally-recognized standard of educational excellence for God's glory.


1) Likeness to Jesus Christ in ALL Practice

a) Humility - Humility is an acknowledgment of personal dependence on another. (Philippians


b) Love - Love is a conscious choice to serve others' needs over our own. (John 15:13)

c) Obedience - Obedience is a conscious choice to do what authorities command.


d) Honesty - Honesty is a conscious choice to be wholly sincere. (Romans 12:17)

e) Responsibility - Responsibility is a conscious choice to recognize and perform well what is ours

to do. (Romans 14:10)

f) Diligence - Diligence is a conscious choice to be careful and persistent in our effort.

(Colossians 3:23)

g) Wisdom - Wisdom is a conscious choice to use our knowledge and understanding to judge

and act correctly. (James 3:13)

h) Patience - Patience is a conscious choice to be grateful for our situation and be content with

what we have. (Philippians 4:11)


Under the umbrella of the United Global Education Group LLC., and in line with the mission statement, the vision statement, and the core values of our institution, the team at Agape International Academy is excited to pursue several practical goals:

1) Provide a simply excellent education to all enrolled students.

2) Develop a biblical international standard of education on the academic level of the IB program.

3) Establish or support schools using our program internationally.

4) Establish or support schools for orphans around the world.

5) Establish or support schools for children living below the international poverty line.

6) Establish a training college to promote the biblical international standard.


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