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How is Agape an "International" Academy?

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

We have found this question to be one of the most frequently asked! To clarify this point, we are going to outline what being "international" DOES NOT mean and what it DOES mean.

• What it DOES mean

1) We gladly accept students from a variety of nations

Agape welcomes students from all nations. We are a place where local American students can study with students of many other nations, cultures, and perspectives. We hold the Bible as the absolute standard for truth and believe that there are many ways to bring glory to our Creator as we pursue knowing and obeying Him.

2) Our program is developed according to an international standard

We are focused on providing a globally excellent education. Our program is designed to identify the best practices in education worldwide and combine them into a program that provides simply excellent education.

3) Our program is designed to produce students who are multilingual

With a special focus on language acquisition, students at Agape International Academy will be surrounded by multiple languages of communication during the school day. With a feeling of practical communication, students will develop the usage of multiple languages depending on where each campus is established. The first school will focus on English, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese.

4) We will hire international instructors who can provide perspective for our students

We believe that instructors are a core aspect of the program. We will intentionally hire individuals who can broaden the perspectives of our students. While we will not hire international instructors exclusively, the program will be looking to hire individuals who can help to provide a variety of cultural and experiential value to our program.

5) We will develop loving leadership focused on serving local and global communities

Students at Agape will take missions trips, funded through the practical fundraising programs built into the school program, in order to spend time abroad and to see various places, to experience various cultures, to utilize their language acquisition, and to develop a heart for what Jesus calls the "uttermost parts of the world".

• What it DOES NOT mean

1) "International" does NOT mean that our students are "internationals"

While Agape International Academy expects to welcome students from other nations in the future, the intention of the program is to develop a heart and intention for worldwide service in local young men and women. We are intending to bring together many individuals who can share perspective and culture together as they move together towards Christlikeness.

2) "International" does NOT mean that we are internationally funded

Our program is funded by local tuition. While we are open to the potential of investment for the sake of growth, we will be careful to never lose functional control of the program. The current owners are American and Canadian and these founders do not intend to ever own less than 51% of the company.

3) "International" does NOT mean that we aren't patriotic

Our founders and program have purposed to encourage young men and women to recognize the importance of appreciating their personal heritage and recognizing the value, according to a Biblical standard, of their nation and its service to its citizens and the world. As our program plans to develop campuses around the world, the intention of each campus will be to help young men and women recognize their identity as a follower of Jesus Christ first, as a member of their families second, but also, as a citizen of their country. We believe that students should be grateful for their heritage and be ready to protect their friends and families.


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