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Agape International


Serving the 757 - Let's Work Together!

Thank you for sharing the problems that you see! I look forward to working with you to be a small part of making the 757 a better area to live, love, and grow!

At Agape International Academy, we are personally and purposefully building loving leaders who are disciplined is soul, mind, and body for God's glory. We are designed to help youth learn how to care for their local community. Please let us know what problems you are seeing around the 757! We will spend time in community service every Tuesday and could perhaps be a part of addressing some of your concerns! Students will be taught to handle these problems on a personal level primarily, but we expect our students to become active in their local governments in the future! Our 11th graders will be required to develop a thesis centered around researching solutions to a local problem and our 12th graders will be required to perform applied research that implements a possible solution. Let's work together to make our community a better place to live, love, and grow.


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