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Agape International


Advanced Diploma: 

Maximizing Academics​

Standard Diploma:

Maximizing Experience​

The sharpest distinction between the two graduation paths is the number of credits required for graduation. The lesser amount of credits required for the career path allows for a greater amount of time in high school to focus on building career experience outside of school with a schedule that leaves many afternoons available for volunteering/ interning/ or paid labor. The Graduation requirements can be broken into three main categories: Academics, Certifications, and Experience. These three form the background of determining an individual student's eligibility to graduate. Our staff team will personally labor together with all of our families to help the students labor towards success in all of these areas while also ensuring that personal responsibility is taken to ensure future success for each individual.



The complete graduation requirements for academics can be downloaded as a PDF here. The Carnegie unit is used as the standard for issuing credit for courses and a syllabus is developed for each course according to administrative approval. Midterm and Final exams are issued by the administration in reasonable cooperation with instructors to ensure that course standards are adhering to established norms for the course. 

College Path Graduation ≥ 32 Credits

Career Path Graduation ≥ 24 Credits



As a part of preparation for future plans, Agape International Academy requires that all graduates earn certifications approved by student mentors and according to future plans for the student. The number of certifications required varies depending on the graduation path, but students will be directed how to obtain certification in a skill that could serve their future. The school may make several certifications available (education, leadership, etc.) but will expect students to obtain certifications from outside of the school for at least one of the required certifications.

College Path Graduation ≥ Two Approved Certifications

Career Path Graduation ≥ Four Approved Certifications



Part of training as a loving leader is having opportunities to lead. Having an opportunity to labor, and even fail, in a safe environment is critical for healthy training. Our older-brother-older-sister program makes certain requirements within some later middle school and all high school courses to be involved in serving younger students at the school for practical leadership opportunities. Students will also be expected to obtain a set number of volunteer/internship/paid labor hours during their high school career, will be required to to take part in a labor abroad program, and will complete a joint junior thesis and senior service project that will address and solve a tangible problem in the local community.

College Path Graduation ≥ 700 Labor Hours

Career Path Graduation ≥ 1,000 Labor Hours

Both Paths:

   Two Labor Abroad Trips

   Junior Thesis Project

   Senior Service Project

Graduate With Purpose

Personally and Purposefully Building Loving Leaders

Before graduation from Agape International Academy, we expect our students to demonstrate discipline in soul, body, and mind. We expect them to humbly labor according to our 7 core values to develop themselves spiritually, intellectually, and physically in preparation as loving leaders. Students will declare before grade nine whether they will choose to study on a college or a career path according to counsel developed by communication between parents, mentors, and students. While students can switch paths along the way, it may cause difficulties and is not recommended.


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