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Agape International


The Academy

       An Overview

As we develop the whole student, we have carefully designed our academy's curriculum to develop the spiritual/emotional, academic, and physical needs of our students. 

Agape International Academy-divided into three distinct but unified schools-functions to build loving leaders who are disciplined in soul, mind, and body. The various aspects of the grammar, logic, and rhetoric school are outlined below.

What We Do


Grammar School

Grades 1-4

The Pages - Young students LOVE to memorize. They enjoy assimilating facts and building a foundation of understanding. These are the years for exploring various learning tools for the academic building process. Students will be fascinated, will be encouraged to reason and to question, but will mostly be guided to collect and store knowledge that will be most useful for their future years of logic and rhetoric. The book of Proverbs would refer to this as the stage of "Knowledge".


Logic School

Grades 5-8

The Squires - Students in these middle years have begun to recognize that there may be portions of subjects that may require more defining. They begin to carefully reason through their knowledge and begin to understand how it applies. These are the years for the practicing of using learning tools and materials. Students will put concepts together and tear them apart. They will be asked to observe, ask questions, and research/study/ experiment. They will be taught how we model our understanding and that absolute truth is found only in God’s word. As these students grow in physical and mental prowess, they can earn honors in academics, in community service, and in physical fitness. The book of Proverbs would refer to this as the stage of "Understanding".


Rhetoric School

Grades 9-12

The Knights of Agape - These students will be expected to show the maturity of adults. They must be able to utilize the knowledge that they have gained and to apply what they understand. These are the years where students are expected to demonstrate true mastery. They have been given all of the tools and materials, and have been trained in their uses and applications. Now, the students will learn to use these tools and materials to carefully construct answers to their community’s problems. The final goal for the high school student is to produce a project in the junior and senior years that is carefully designed by the student according to relevant ethical and scientific practices that researches and serves a tangible need in the local community. This is the stage that the book of Proverbs would refer to as "Wisdom".


A Unified Whole

Part of our emphasis for our students on the careful development of relationships in service of concentric circles of community are the relationships that we purpose and design for our students to have with one another through our older-brother, older-sister program. Older students are active in the academic, spiritual/emotional, and physical development of our younger students as students develop a maturity and understanding of how the process of rhetoric is to utilize all that was developed in the grammar and logic schools.


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