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Agape International



Core Values: Based on Humility



John 15:13

Love is a conscious choice to serve other's needs over our own.

"Do what is best for others."



Hebrews 13:17

Obedience is a conscious choice to do what authorities command.

"Obey, right away, with a good attitude."



Romans 12:17

Honesty is a conscious choice to be wholly sincere.

"Do not pretend."



Romans 14:10

Responsibility is a conscious choice to recognize and perform well what is ours to do.

"Know and Do What is Expected."



Colossians 3:23

Diligence is a conscious choice to be careful and persistent in our effort.

"Don't Give Up."



James 3:13

Wisdom is a conscious choice to use our knowledge and understanding to judge and act correctly.

"Do What is Right."



Philippians 4:11

Patience is a conscious choice to be grateful for our situation and be content with what we have.

"You Have Everything You Need."


Come Grow With Us

We opened Agape International Academy in the fall of 2023 to provide a simply excellent education at the standard we hope for our own children. Our personal love for students, high standard of education, educational experience, and willingness to innovate while recognizing the foundational roots of education provide an exciting environment for students to  individually grow. If you are interested to hear a bit of my heart regarding how we can can grow in Christlikeness, then feel free to listen to a sermon that I was given the opportunity to preach at Tidewater Baptist Church.


International Program from a Trivium-Based Educational Philosophy

We provide effectual education for an adventurous life of loving leadership.

Agape International Academy has a hybrid program that blends a trivium-based education philosophy with an international program and best practices to produce a student body that is dedicated to serving concentric circles of community with loving leadership.


American Graduate Attending Purdue University Northwest

"My experience with Mr. Jeremy and Mr. Chris has been truly amazing. They have guided us through our teenage years, helping us learn and grow. When I was applying to universities, they were there with me step by step. They not only have taught us so much but have also cared for us like family. Now I am in my sophomore year of college with a biology major and a chemistry minor working towards going to medical school."


"I have worked at this school [in China] for 4 years and I have full confidence in Chris's leadership and decision-making. I trust him to make fair, just, and reasonable decisions. He is the driving force and support for me to continue working in this school. He was also greatly loved by his students, and he was a moral role model for our staff and students."

Chinese Colleague and Parent from Lijiang, Yunnan, China

"No one is perfect, including these two very important teachers in my life. But, no matter what, I cannot help but say that their steadfastness in faith, their love for people, and the seriousness with which they took their jobs are examples that I should emulate throughout my life."

Chinese Graduate Attending Liberty University


"I think it is their sense of responsibility and love for students and teachers that make everyone willing to support their leadership."

Chinese Colleague from Lijiang, Yunnan, China

Building disciplined and loving leaders for God's glory

2024-2025 Offering

Grades 1-12

2023-2024 Offering

Grades 5-12


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